Essential oils are not just for massage, they can be used for homeopathic reasons or just for indulgence!

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Doterra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils 

Loving that smooth moisturized feeling all over?

I love using coconut oil in the office and at home. My favorite high quality coconut oil is made by central coast locals. You can find the the goods sold to the public at Goddess Goods - down on the Embarcadero.(Front St.) Also, keep in mind for great post massage fuel.

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That C.B.D. Though!

It’s all the rage now. I have gone through many different brands searching specifically for what I believe the be the best Salve. Rancho Ecomar Farms. I use it in office with clients, and at home with my family. Please check it out, and fall in love with -

Self-Care Beyond the massage table…

If you are looking for local natural bodycare products check out Morro Bay's favorite soap maker -

Babylonian Soap Company!