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Customized massage services in Morro Bay, California.


The Refresher 30 min / $45

Half hour session, great to rid the body of daily stresses carried in the back, shoulders, and neck.

AromaTouch Technique 60 min / $90

For those out there not too keen on receiving massages, this is for you. This is for everybody! The treatment brings the body back to homeostasis. No more fright or flight, let go. Eight different specifically chosen certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils are used and applied with methodical and rhythmic light massage techniques. 

Full Body Chill-Out 60 min / $85

A relaxing hour long massage focusing on circulation and relaxation throughout the whole body. Hot towel service included. No specific goals are treated in this session, just relaxation. This session is a great introduction to massage and perfect for a gift certificate.

Therapeutic 60 or 90 min / $85, $125

A therapeutic massage session is focused bodywork to achieve a goal set forth by the client. It is more specific to body zones. A great idea for those back, shoulder or neck pains that just will not leave you alone! Therapeutic massages target ailments such as frozen shoulder, thoracic outlet syndrome, sciatica, and tendinitis, these are just a few examples. Modalities such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and deep tissue manipulation are employed in this service.

The Escapist 90 min /$125

A hour and a half session catered to your goals of relaxation, and therapeutic needs. Enjoy the use of essential oils picked just for your needs of the moment. With and hour and a half all areas of the body will be more thoroughly addressed. Usually a full body, unless specified between client and therapist. Hot towel service included. 

The Revival 120 min / $170

Great Deal! A two hour massage session geared to make you feel like a god/goddess! Incorporating all modalities to achieve your revitalizing, refreshing and tension releasing goals. Float into your own daydreams, and leave living in them. Aromatherapy, and hot towel service included. 




Three 30 min sessions for $110

Three 60 min sessions for $220

Three 90 min sessions for $320


Because I love all of you:

Please enjoy leaving your therapy sessions with a take home treat. From essential oil samples, educational self help exercises, or a try of one of my favorite products; you will be leaving with more than just a massage. 


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